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Now I am enraged.

I have set up an LLC. Once I received the Certificate of Formation, I needed to apply for a Tax ID. I thought this would be easy. I’ve done this before, numerous times. Of course, since I was doing this for myself, this continues to be the exact OPPOSITE of easy.

Working with my accountant, we tried to run the SS-4 application through the IRS website and it was rejected 3 times. THREE! We couldn’t find any errors the site lists that will delay or reject an application and decided to follow the instructions to fax over the form. This was done on a Monday afternoon.

Fast forward 7 days to the following Monday and, FINALLY, the IRS sends a fax. Yay! I have my Tax ID! I can start to do the work I’d like to be doing the way I wanted to be doing it.

With my documents in hand I went to the bank to open a business account. When I handed in the SS-4 it couldn’t be accepted because it isn’t the actual form. All that was faxed was the original hand-written application with the Tax ID hand-written and merely a partial date stamp identifying the IRS’ official seal(?).

I go online to find out how I go about getting the official assignment letter from the IRS. Everything I have found on the IRS’ website points me to a phone number to call (great, spend an hour on hold and hope, every second of that hour, that you do not get disconnected) and the only reasons the assume you will need this is that you’ve lost it. How about I didn’t lose it, I never GOT it!

So, my next step is to make that call, wait for the hour hoping I won’t get disconnected, then request the SS-4 so I can open my bank account and get this project rolling!

Wish me luck!