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Sometimes things break

Sometimes friends need to break up. Sometimes breaking up with a friend is harder than breaking up with a lover. Sometimes destruction is necessary.

Recently I found myself in a situation I no longer had control of and I was afraid. I didn’t know how to confront the person in a way that I would win, or at least extricate myself as amicably as possible, so I did the only thing I knew how to do, I hid. I let someone else fight my battle. I was called a coward and that I am weak.

This rattled me, HARD, for 2 full days. I was crushed. I knew this person was unhealthy for me but it’s much easier to simply comply and spend some time with them than try to find a valid excuse they will accept for your declined response to their invitation.

At some point during those 2 days, when walking around in a fog, I knocked my statue onto the floor, breaking it into 5 pieces. All I could say was; sometimes you have to accept destruction to move on.