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What is Self-Worth?


Self-worth is how much we feel we are valued. If we feel worthless, we are more likely to become depressed. If we feel valued, we are more likely to take an active role in life. It’s important to understand self-worth because it could be at the core of any self-confidence issues.


One way to measure self-worth is to look at all the ways you look after yourself. Eating well, getting regular exercise and spending time doing things that make you feel good all go towards increasing how you are feeling about yourself.


There are two things you can do this week to improve your self-worth. The first thing is to catch yourself when you put yourself down. See if you can be the observer, instead of getting caught up in the self-criticism. Write down what it is you said exactly word for word, and see if you believe that it is really true. If it isn’t true, perhaps track back where the words came from, who said that, where did you pick it up? Then say gently to yourself – I am not that.


The second thing you can do is make a date with yourself to do something nice. Something that you can do on your own, something you really feel you deserve. And allow yourself to enjoy every minute of it! It doesn’t have to be your birthday for you to feel you can treat yourself!