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Don't look into the light!

Don’t look into the light!

During my daily commute, I constantly find myself in front of someone who has their brights on. This even happens at 10 a.m.!! Is it just me?

If you are one of those who does this, are you doing it purposefully and you KNOW they are on? Also, HOW do you NOT KNOW they are on?!

I have a bright blue light on my dashboard that indicates my brights are on and I feel like I am the only one who cares enough to turn them off (Just the brights, not my lights. Let’s not get silly here…) so I do not blind the drivers in front of, or coming towards, me.

I do understand that there are new HID and LED lights that are not “brights” but these are also a nightmare. Maybe I am an old-fogey but I am getting closer to the point where I won’t be driving once dusk hits because I simply can’t see :o( At 42, that’s not acceptable.

As I write this post, I discovered a site called http://www.headlight-reform.org/ and I feel the statement made by Richard Helpern, M.D. is pretty spot-on:

Here are comments submitted by Richard Helpern, M.D.

“Bright and extra headlights are causing stress and I am seeing the results in my practice. Not a single patient knew about this [http://dms.dot.gov] site. Millions of people would like to see some action taken. Being confronted with a bright distracting light triggers a fight or flight response. The result is high blood pressure, stress, blood sugar increase, not to mention the added risk of eye disease. Unnecessary distracting and blinding lights are a hazard. You will actually be doing the manufactures a favor by nipping this in the bud soon as there is no doubt in my mind they and you will be liable for the damage that is resulting from this. To take a blind eye to this is not only negligent but criminal in my opinion. The eye is the most sensitive of all our senses. It is easily damaged as well as the most easily distracted. All this extra lighting is causing accidents, not preventing them. I have spoken to many people about this issue and every single one of them agrees with me. I have yet to speak to a single person who was in favor of these lights. They all said they annoyed them. Annoyance is the least of it. The only proper and indeed ethical course of action is regulate now.”

Unfortunately the survey mentioned is not working but I truly wonder if it would have made any difference anyway.

Your thoughts?

Seriously...do you NOT see this?

Seriously…do you NOT see this?