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I am constantly inspired by people who have the balls to share anything, no matter how personal, to an audience of hundreds and even thousands.

Yet again, my inspiration is Erika Napoletano with her post Hard Truths, Day 26: Don’t Forget the Kid

I am so happy to say, out of her list, I can say I’ve done the following things recently:

  • blew the fuzz off a dandelion
  • did a raspberry with your lips
  • stuck out your tongue
  • played with a hula hoop
  • hugged a stuffed animal
  • skipped down the street
  • watched a cartoon that didn’t star a guy named Bob or Archer (hint: same guy)

How about you? Have you taken your inner child out to play? If you answer is “No” or “I don’t remember” I think it’s time you did.