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Do you get caught up in theย hype of New Year’s resolutions? I don’t.


I used to. Like most of everyone else I would take advantage of the January 1st date as the reset button for all of the bad choices, negative thinking and the never ending to-do list with the same 8 items I kept on the list all 365 days of the year prior.

I stopped making and announcing any resolutions two or three years ago. Instead I chose to be honest with myself:

1. My resolutions almostย never have staying power after February 1st because, unless it is something I’ve created as a habit (repeating the same action every day for 30 days is the general rule for creating a new/changing an old habit) I completely forget what the resolution was and/or why I am doing it in the first place;

2. The resolutions I tended to make were to general or not realistic. For example: “In ____ I am going to be a better person” (too general), “In _____ I am going to go to the gym!” (not realistic and lasts usually 3 visits)

3. I only made resolutions because everyone else announced them and I needed to have some myself to keep up with the conversations.

What about you?