I am in the middle of my final week of my Psych class.  Out of all of the assignments so far, only one of them has been deemed acceptable to my professor.  Despite my best efforts (I spent more than an hour on my discussion forum assignment last night) I received the most criticism on that one, out of 7!

The best I can do is try.  Fortunately, despite the feedback, my current grade in the class is 93.  This gives me flashbacks of NYSSMA when I was in high school.  I thought I did pretty well, then the grade & critique was presented.  I fell apart.  I was shattered by their impression of my solo.  In the end, I was given a grade of B+ — WTF??

The lessons I am learning from these experiences are:

  • Being given criticism doesn’t mean I’ve failed
  • I am much better at free-form writing than I am at restricted writing form that includes APA requirements
  • I have my work cut out for me with school


Thanks for reading!  ♥