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I must start this post by reminding myself, and anyone who knows me, I do not know how to cook.

Not only am I scared to follow recipes; I have burned a pot while trying to boil water, as well as taking 3 hours to make hot dogs because I filled a
quart-pot for 4 of them.

With that said, I’ve BLOWN MY OWN MIND!

Side note: My deepest apologies. I ate them too fast which is why I do not have any photos to share.

Based on my craving of grilled cheese, I was lacking regular bread, bacon and tomatoes. So, I decided to get creative:

Using my toaster oven, I baked 2 slices of Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast, for
4 minutes, at the recommended temperature of 425º. I took them out and put 2 tablespoons of marinara sauce on each, topped by ½ slice of american and 1
slice of muenster cheese. (I prefer “white american” cheese)

Putting them back into the toaster oven, I broiled them for 2 minutes at 400º until the cheese started to brown.

After allowing them to cool for a minute I inhaled them within 45 seconds.

YUM!!! I *must* make these again (and post pictures of the beautiful deliciousness)