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Just musing and wanted to note.

Bat – facing and transcending above one’s fears, avoiding obstacles, symbolic death and rebirth

Beaver – construction, building and acting on our dreams

Jaguar, Panther & Leopard – determination, purification, facing fears, courage, self-healing, reclaiming one’s power, shamanism, wholeness

Lion – strength, courage, exploring and asserting feminine energies, healing

Deer – divine guidance, spiritual journey, psychic powers, messages in dreams, perception, gentleness, regeneration

Starfish – repulsion and protection from evil

Mountain goat – support, sure-footed forward progress, flexibility

Horse, Centaur –  companionship, protection, guidance, astral journeying, travel, adventure, freedom, swiftness, endurance, stamina, strength, power, overcoming obstacles

Octopus – unfolding of creation, transformation

Otter – swiftness, recovery through wisdom, curiousity, rejoice in life, playfulness

Porcupine – discrimination, creating your own life-path, change, curiosity, wonder, calmness

Skunk – sensuality (in every aspect of the word), respect, self-assurance

Squirrel – resourcefulness, preparation, activity

Swine (Boar/Pig) – courage, protection, power, voracity, fertility, sacrifice, rebirth

Weasel – hidden secrets, silence

Wolf – intelligence, ingenuity, master of disguise, communication, cooperation, loyalty, rituals, healing, guardianship

Woodchuck / Groundhog – trance, dreams, altered states of consciousness, death without dying, personal boundaries 

Zebra – agility, individuality 

Cardinal – vitality, self-worth
Dove – guidance, protection, prophecy, hope

Duck – spirit of plenty, emotional comfort and grace

Grackle – emotional excess, clearing emotional issues, less talk, more action

Grosbeak – family healing

Hawk – messages, strength, power, keen insight, protection, merging (oneness)

Heron – patience, regeneration

Hummingbird – divine Love, happiness, joy, swiftness

Kingfisher – peace, abundance, love

Oriole – positive energy, renewed joy, happy change

Osprey – clear-sightedness, past-life memories, dream messages, wisdom, boldness, new life

Robin – spring, morning, happiness, growth

Seagull – messengers of the Gods, emotions

Woodpecker – rhythms, discrimination, changes

Wren – messenger, resourcefulness, daring, boldness, confidence

Phoenix – transcendence, transmutation, transformation, life after death

Russian Firebird – taking appropriate action through intuitive promptings

Butterfly – soul, rebirth, reincaration, change, metamorphosis, transformation, joy

Caterpillar – new beginnings, never-ending cycle of life

Dragonfly / Damselfly – rebirth and reincarnation, dreams, new light, balancing of emotions and thoughts

Fly – spiritual death and regeneration

Grasshopper – massive forward leaps, progression, instincts

Moth – transformation, lunar guidance, sensuality, adaptation

Scorpion – survival on earthly plane, curtness
Honeysuckle – flight, protection, hidden secrets, future patterns
Leaves – happiness

Lilies – protection

Lavender – healing, long life

Lobelia – stopping storms

Mistletoe – regeneration, rebirth, healing 

Morning glories – happiness, peace

Oak – strength, truth, longevity

Rose – fulfillment of goals and desires

Sunflowers – the sun, regeneration

Vines – eternal flow of energy, tangles of life

Violets – protection, healing, peace, wishes

Yew – Tree of Death & Rebirth

 snow– stasis, restriction, purification, renewing, cleansing
     waterfall – emotional cleansing
     rain – released emotions, overcoming emotional issues
     river – active flowing emotions
     ocean / sea – deep emotions, source of creation
          lake / lagoon / pond –  control of emotions, depending on the behavior of the water

Fire – life-force, strength
      sun – spiritual power, strength, courage
      stars – spiritual awareness, guidance, beacons
      comet – cosmic knowledge, momentous events, changes
      lightning – divine spark, illumination

Storms – unbridled emotions and erratic thought-forms

forest / woods – journey of the inner self
      grasslands / meadows / prairies – balance, openness, peace

Road  life-path
Bridge – transition, change, crossing

bones – past lives

House – spiritual self, soul, psyche, mind, physical body 
     bedroom – subconscious desires, relationships, intimacy, sex
     kitchen – social area, nourishment, heart
     living room – intimate friends and family
     attic – connection to higher self, hidden memories, secret thoughts
     basement – fears, short-comings, flaws, faults
     bathroom – re-invention of self, privacy, removal of negative thoughts or beliefs
     shower – emotional cleansing
     mirror – introspection
     closet – secrets, privacy
     clothes – personal image, check colors and styles for more details
     doors – passage, choice

Lizard – wisdom, good fortune

Dragon – cosmic mind in motion,  protection, knowledge, elemental magick, concentration, determination, spiritual strength, courage, transcendence, transformation, renewal and rebirth.  

Serpent / Snake – eternity, transformation, renewal, rebirth, healing,

Rat – restlessness, shrewdness

Scorpion – survival on earthly plane, curtness


(source: http://gypsywolf.weebly.com/natures-symbolism.html)