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I’ve just figured out why I haven’t been seeing MANY of my friends’ posts on my Facebook Timeline.  Have you discovered the new News Feed?

My news feed was only populated by posts by my new friends and likes, and even when I would use my groups and lists I would miss posts by a lot of people I was really trying to keep in touch with.  I couldn’t understand why their posts and photos would only show up in my Timeline if other friends made comments or shared them, and that wasn’t right.

I hovered over the ‘friend’ box and saw an option on the list that I had not seen before:
Show in News Feed
And this was not selected.

Once I checked that option, BAM, my friends’ updates, photos, comments, game activity…hmm…this isn’t exactly what I was going for…..so I hovered again. This time I clicked on Settings, the option that NOW shows up immediately below Show in News Feed.

So I have sent in feedback to Facebook pointing this out and asking for a default setting.  Maybe it will happen if more people make that suggestion. If you have a moment, please send them feedback if you agree with this post.

Thanks for reading, and your support!

PS….I DID try to find this information through their help section and there was No Help on the News Feed Settings