When I was a kid, I read the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I also liked to read them over and over again because I could choose an alternate direction, leading to a different ending.

Life isn’t like one of those books. Well, as far as doing it again to choose an alternate option that is. When faced with a life changing decision, however, it can be like living in one of those books.

Ever since I took my first basic accounting class in high school I knew I loved the bookkeeping part of math. When I started my career path (a.k.a. earning a paycheck) I had high hopes of being in a position that would involve bookkeeping.

That hope has been fulfilled, in some capacity, for most of my working life. What I mean is, every job I have had has had some bookkeeping aspects of the position however, I have never been a Bookkeeper. For the last 5 ½ years I was a Sr. Administrator. While the title is vague, the work I did revolved around A/R, A/P (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Receivable), Executive Assistant and Operations Coordinator. Prior to this I was a Sales Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Project Coordinator.

Chapter 12-1: My Twist

As I was immersed in my life story, I turned to a part in the story on a day in January when I answered an email. The answer I chose to give determined which page I would turn to for the next part of my story.

Please stay tuned for Chapter 12-2: The Start