Weather:  I cannot control the weather, nor can I change it. I will not allow myself to get angry, sad, or otherwise depressed when the weather is unfavorable. I will not allow something that has no power over me control my emotions and ruin my day.

Water: Riding the ferry has given me a new appreciation for those who pilot boats. How do they do it in the dark without hitting things?? How do they keep the vessel from tipping over when we roll really far? It isn’t that I want answers to these questions; I know I can find them and have a good idea of the answers using common sense, I am simply in awe of the wonder today.

Energy: Some things are worth my energy. Many things are not. For the first time in my life, I have the strength to say “NO” to those things that are not.  My energy is precious. limited, and priceless. For me to share my energy with you needs to be earned, not assumed and stolen.

Friendship: Friendship, to me, is about; Respect, Understanding, Support and Compromise. There are MANY people in my life that I refer to as “friends” but many of those friends are not Friendships.  I am realizing how worthwhile and rewarding my true friendships are, and how valuable it is to me to let go of the obsessive need to please ALL of my “friends” at all times because, in reality, I can’t.  By doing this, I am; Respecting their decisions, Understanding their reasons, Supporting their feelings, and Compromising with our schedules.  My friends are important. My Friendships are precious.