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Do you do business with Well Fargo bank? If so, I would like you to be aware of something that happened to my friend today, and consider sharing your opinion with YOUR “relationship manager”:

My friend was just asked to leave the bank. (Wells Fargo). The bank manager and clerks were talking about the protesters, calling them hippies with no values and morals, and stating that anyone who protests has no right and suggested the military come in and shoot them all.

When my friend chose to engage in the conversation with her own opinion (which disagreed with the bank employees’) she was asked to leave. He said her opinion “wasn’t welcomed there”, meanwhile he and his employees are commenting in the middle of the bank (a public place of business) to other tellers, about HIS opinion.

Most, if not all, of you know that I feel that we are ALL entitled (yes, ENTITLED to speak our opinions, it’s called Freedom of Speech), however, when people start wishing the death of people because they choose to exercise that right, what does that opinion become?

Do you feel that the bank manager had the right to ask my friend to leave?

Personally, I will not use Wells Fargo Bank for any reasons and I will be very public about my opinion. Thank you.