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WE survived Irene. This was my first major hurricane since Gloria in 1985 when I lived in Sayville (Suffolk County, Long Island for you non-locals) and it was the ONLY weather that could shut down the High School, and I wasn’t even in it yet! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Gloria

Anyway, back to Irene, our 2011 Hurricane from Hell.

After getting the OEM Evacuation Recommendation Letter and the subsequent Fire Department’s announcement the following morning, we secured our biggest asset,

One last parting shot

packed up both vehicles, and headed for higher ground (Bergen County, NJ)

We spent a restless night with our cat at a relative’s house and waited out the morning with coffee, bagels, the news and the wind.  I think we discovered that we had underestimated Irene’s impact on the roads around us and we found ourselves making several detours trying to get back down to our home. A trip that normally takes 45 minutes took us 2 hours, in both directions. On the way up it was due to the rain and wind. On the ride home, it was wind and detours due to downed power lines, trees and flooding.

Upon arriving home we found our neighbors 1 and 2 houses away both pumping water from their basements. Our hearts sank. As we walked around the outer perimeter, everything was just fine and there was just a lot of branches and leaves strewn all over. We looked at each other and took a deep breath, and went inside.

Everything on the upper floors was exactly as we had left it, with the exception of some water damage to our 2nd floor ceiling near a seam.  Other than that, no further damage and no looting. SWEET!!  Now…on to the basement…

I am so glad that we took the precautions that we did and moved all items of importance to the upper floors and unplug the washer and dryer. We did have water in our basement. Fortunately, we do not have carpet! So, as the cleanup begins, here is a little glimpse at our “Return to Keyport after the wrath of Irene, 2011”.  I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

It's still standing!!

They gave up a good fight!

He took cover and STILL stood his ground!

A moment of silence for our only fatality