Hello everyone,

I have decided to act on my one personality trait that I find very frustrating and ask, is anyone REALLY interested in what I have to say??

I know my blog is new, my attendance on Twitter is new, my personality on Facebook is confused and I am generally all over the place right now, but I really wonder….who really cares??

Well, the one thing I have learned from reading others’ blogs, facebook posts and discussions with my therapist, is that most people are only interested in themselves.  I don’t mean this in a negative way, as a matter of fact, it relieves a lot of the pressure to be “everything to everyone”.

My blog is here for my pleasure.  My facebook profile is to keep in contact with the people I care about, causes I am interested in, companies I prefer and, in the sense of a voyeur, see things I normally wouldn’t find on my own in the etherspace.  I am on Twitter only because I felt it was in my best interest, professionally.

Recently, I had a realization that I was way too transparent on my facebook profile. Don’t get me wrong, the reason I engage in fb is so that the people who I think care about me, need me there.  Unfortunately, I became so wrapped up in the idea that I am intricately and solely responsible for the feelings of my facebook friends, and if I didn’t act on a post, they would assume I didn’t care and I would lose my “friend”.

I did lose some friends and, honestly, I only noticed the count, not the names. This helped me realize who *really* cares, and who is only there for *them*.  I have to admit, since I have withdrawn back into my human-cave, I find my facebook newsfeed to be rather quiet. On one hand, it’s been a nice reality check that most normal people have lives off of facebook. On the other hand, I find myself craving the virtual interactions fb provides, and I keep looking for the “like” button on my followers’ tweets.

HA — another recollection of an overlap of my virtual interactions….I was using my touch-screen phone the other day and when I went to close an email on my laptop, I tapped the screen….

Here ends the rambling of my brain. I am sure there will be more to this post in the very near future, as I am still antsy about heading over to fb to see if anyone “liked” anything I did today……